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ISRC & CD-Text & Song titles in your computer


ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) are codes embeded into audio tracks so the Author Rights Magament Agencies can "listen" which music is being played and request the monetary compesation for it.

If you are the original author of the music and you have the ISRC codes inserted into the master AudioCd that you send to us to replicate, we will produce your AudioCD with them.

If you have the codes but are not sure if they are inserted, we can verify if your cd do have them and if not we can create a master disc including them free of charge for you.

If you do not have them and you plan to publish your music on digital services (like iTunes, Amazon Music, etc) we can provide you with the ISRC if we publish the music oh your behalf:

  1. If you pay for the ISRC, then all royalties collected are paid back to you.
  2. We can provide the ISRCs free of charge and them we keep some of the royalties.


Cd-text is an extension to the original Audio-CD format which allows to identify the Album and songs titles whithin certain devices (i.e. car audio systems).

We can produce CD with such feature if the original disc "does" have it. Many PC/Mac recording software do not include it it its recording.

Professional studio/mastering houses use to prepare a so called DDP, which include the CD-Text feature.

We can verify if your cd do have this feature and if not we can create a master disc including it free of charge for you.

Song titles in your computer

In order for your computer to show the titles of the songs, the music has to be registered into Gracenote CD DataBase so when you insert an AudioCd into your disc reader, your computer connects to gracenote.com to identify the song titles.

Computers do not read CD-Text. They can identify CD Text with specific software.