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DVD and other High Capacity media

The data storage discs are becoming more and more sophisticated and their capacity is increasing to replace the necessities of the users keeping data at the time.
Diifferent types of DVD formats exist, like the Dvd-r of double layer (DL-DVDr).

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Another one of the high capacity formats is the Blue Ray. Developed by a group of companies dedicated to the consumer electronics and computers known like BDA (Blue Ray Disc Association). This disc uses blue rays with shorter wavelength. These discs are able to store up to 25 GB. And its version of double layer up to 50 GB. In a future these capacities will be extended up to 100 and 200 GB of storage.

Another variants of disk formats DVD did not survied. They were the Hd-dvd (Digital High-Density Versatile Disc) is a digital optical format of DVD of high resolution promoted by Toshiba, NEC and Sanyo.

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The Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) is another one of the formats, of the same dimensions that the CDs and the DVDs., whose reader takes advantage of the fluorescent light discs, thus to increase its capacity of storage. In addition, they are faster due to the different synchrony between the reflected light and fluorescent and the data are readed simultaneously from different zones from the disc. It is a disc in transparent appearance with multiple layers so it is possible to read each one with a different intensity of laser. Each disc will be able to store 120 GB of information.