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DVD duplication & DVD copies

Dvd duplication

  1. Highest DVD duplication quality
  2. Seven color painting
  3. Fast, relable and low cost Service
  4. Up to 9 Gb DL DVD
  5. More details below!

1.- Service description: The DVD duplication

With the DVD duplication we get DVD copies type 5 with up to 4.7 GB or DVD copies type 9 (DVD9) with a 9 Gb capacity. DVDs are very popular and used in any type of application specially when high capacity is needed. The most common application is video.

2.- The DVD duplication process

  1. The DVD copies are made by robotic digital dulication, as shown in the video below, for short runs (less than 5000 units; we do from 25 units) and also on express jobs
  2. On request, we can produce your DVD by industrial injection/stamping, depending upon the quality, quantity and urgency.This process is fully explained in section DVD duplication process by industrial means

In this video we show how the DVD copies are done by robots.

3.- Personalization of your DVD copies: painting the DVD

  1. The DVD copies Duplimaster.com can paint them by serigraphy, the standard finishing up to 2010. Nowadays, Duplimaster.com use this technology for flat colors, also called direct colors or pantone colors, where halftoning is not needed.
  2. We can paint the DVD by offset, which produces a press-like quality.
  3. For short runs, express DVD duplication, when highest quality is needed or on special orders, we can paint your DVD copies by the highest quality digital 7 color printing currently available.

4.1.- Standard packaging of your DVD copies: jewel box, comfort pack, ...etc

In the following video, we show the different type of packaging used in DVD duplication. Since different people know the same box with different names, we show them with images. if you are in a rush, jewel box are shown on minute 0 to 5;comfort pack, mins 5-7; digipacks up to min 9; cardboard envelopesup to min 10 and finally, the las min shows the plastic envelopes with and without glue. These last ones are ideal for attaching to books or the like.

4-2.- Personalized packaging for the CD copies: digipacks, cardboard envelopes, ...etc

In the following video we explain two different completely personalized package finishing. We show the regular squared digipacks, the rectangular 13x18 cm digipacks that can hold 2 discs in one tray, the cardboard envelope with and without booklet. Also the thermal pastic wrapping.

5.- Booklets, dyptics, tryptics, and posters

The jewel boxes, either normal or thin, together with the digipacks and digifiles that we make can carry a booklet, tryptic o poster where authors can add lyrics, pictures, software instructions, etc.

Besides the classic booklets, folded and stapled to center, there are other options, like the tryptics or posters.

In the following video, you can see all types of booklets that we can make. The most simple one is dyptic, (2 pgs ), 4 pgs booklet, 6 pgs (tryptic), 8 pgs, .... with squared format 12x12 cm or rectangular (12x17 cm) depending upon the type of digipack.


Paper and print quality: min 0:17 . Direct access to min 0:17 about quality paper and printing

Dyptics: min 1:14 . Acceso directo al min 1:14 Dyptics

Tryptics = 6 pg printed by both sides: min 2:05 . Direct access to min 2:05 Libreto de 6 paginas

Eight pg booklets: min 2:39 . Direct access to min 2:39 8 pgs booklet

Twelve pg booklets: min 2:52 . Direct access to min 2:39 12 pgs booklet

Posters folded several times to fit the holding bag: min 3:12 . Direct access to min 3:12 Poster to format booklet

Large format booklets (12x17 cm): min 4:18 . Direct access to min 4:18 12x17 cm format booklets for large digipack or digifiles (13x19 cm)

6.- Accessories: CD displays

Remembre that currently we have and offer by which if you order 150 DVD copies or more, you get a completely free Display. Watch the next video for further details.

7.- Location

We have offices in Madrid y Barcelona (see our address for further details) . We serve the whole country (Peninsula & Islands), Portugal, France, Germany and the rest of the EC.

7.- DVD duplication applications

Here are some examples of cd application: Software distribution, Product catalogs , Corporate communications , Corporate memorandums , Electronic books , Curriculum vitae , Photographic archiving , Scientific congresses , Fairs , Corporate presentations , Scientific presentations , Christmats presents , Corporate presents , etc

8.- Samples of DVD copies

To see a detailed picture, click on the image